Keywords will be added to the keywords meta tag in the head of the document if you specify the tags front matter key like the following:

  - jekyll
  - note
  - theme
  - linaro-jekyll-theme


tags: jekyll note theme linaro-jekyll-theme


You can add a page description which will be used for the description meta tag. If you don't provide a description for a page/post then the site description, located in the _config.yml file will be used. Since Google and other search engines limit the number of characters for your descriptions, keep your descriptions to around 160 characters.

Add a description to your page/post with:

description: >
  Your page description goes here..


Your page title will show in the tab of your browser. If you provide a page title then the format your page title will use is:

Page Title - Site Title

If you don't provide a page title, your title provided in _config.yml will be used.

In _config.yml:

# Site Title

In a page:

title: About Us

The above would output a title of:

About Us -