This theme uses the built-in sass support that comes with Jekyll. CSS packages are always added to assets/css/ and the sass files used to build these packages are located under the _sass folder.

Custom packages can be added to your site by adding a new main-package_name.scss file in the /assets/css/ folder. You then need to simply specify the css package name to use on a given page in the front matter with the following:

css-package: main-custom_package

When your site builds the custom css-package values in pages are processed and your new package will be used instead of the default main.scss package. Layouts can also specify a default css-package to use. The order of precedence the theme uses when selecting the css package to use is listed below.

  1. Page css-package
  2. Layout css-package
  3. default main.css package
@charset "UTF-8";
//Bootstrap Overrides
@import "app/overrides";
//Boostrap Includes
@import '_bootstrap';
// Linaro Jekyll Theme Includes
@import "core";
// App Includes
@import "app/custom";