Fontello for icons

Fontello is great for creating slim icon fonts from popular font collections. /assets/fonts/fontello/ contains the Fontello icons fonts in various formats. The _sass/core/fontello.scss file is a modified version of the generated css provided by Fontello.

Adding more Fontello icons

You can easily add more icons to your Fontello font by importing the /assets/fonts/fontello/fontello.svg file into Fontello by clicking the Spanner Icon and then Import. Your icons are then shown in the Custom Icons section below. Here you can select the imported fonts to be included in your new font. Then click the download button and place the generated font files in /assets/fonts/fontello/. Finally, override the _sass/core/fontello.scss file with your updated fontello.css styles (make sure the paths for import the library are correct).


Lato is the font that this theme ships with but you can easily swap out Lato for another font.